Corning® 500 mL Insectagro® Sf9 Serum-Free/

Protein-Free Medium, 1X [+] L-glutamine 

Product Number : 13-410-CV

Corning® 500 mL Insectagro® Sf9 Serum-Free/Protein-Free Medium,

1X [+] L-glutamine 

Corning insectagro Sf9 is formulated to support the propagation of Sf9 insect cells in culture, and can also be used for SF21 cells. The Sf9 cell line originated at the USDA Insect Pathology Laboratory from IPLBSF-21 cell line, derived from the pupal ovarian tissue of the fall army worm. Sf9 cells are cultured in non-humidified, non-CO2 incubators at 27ºC (room temperature) and display both monolayer and suspension culture qualities. With their fast doubling times of 10-22 hours, Sf9 cells are easily scaled up to large cultures using bioreactors. Sf9 is capable of expressing full-length proteins and have been reported to produce certain proteins up to 20% of the total protein.

Complete Certificate of Analysis available for each production lot, along with full formulation information Manufactured in a facility that complies with ISO 13485 certified quality system. This product is produced under high quality industry standards

Product Number
6 / Pk
6 / Cs
9 mg
500 mL
2°C to 8°C

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